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2022 Arabian Racing Association of California

Cory Soltau – President
Tel: 925.683.7617
Email: bvarabians@aol.com

Terri Eaton 
Tel: 209.632.2031
Email: testables@msn.com

Mike Brown – Treasurer
Email: jmb@mbrown-law.com

Evelyn Call – Secretary/Newsletter
Email: evcallarabs@att.net

Pamela Burton – Marketing Director
Phone: (925) 482-7524
Email: Pamela@horsereporter.com

Board Members:
Katherine Barbeau
Terri Eaton
Joe Gibson
Howie Rubin
Mark Scheberries

CalBred Committee:
Evelyn Call
Cory Soltau
Dorothy Burt
Email: doro.burt@yahoo.com

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