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If you plan to race an Arabian, you should join us at ARAC. We are a club made up of long-time and new racers and breeders who love working with this magnificent breed of horse. The benefits of membership include: interaction with other racing enthusiasts, voting privileges, committee participation and eligibility for ARAC Racing Awards Program. One of your greatest resources will be fellow ARAC members.

2021 Arabian Racing Dates – Stay and race in California!

Latest Update 8 March 2021.

We hope to see you in 2021!

The California Horse Racing Board completed the allocation of 2021 racing dates by approving the calendar for Northern California.

For full calendar of Racing dates please check:


The dates for California Arabian Racing have been confirmed by the California Authority of Racing Fairs (CARF). Dates are subject to change.

1 June – the Pleasanton race track will open

Alameda Fair at Pleasanton 06/17/21 – 07/11/21
State Fair at Cal Expo 07/16/21 – 08/01/21
Sonoma Fair at Santa Rosa 08/04/21 – 08/17/21
Humboldt Fair at Ferndale 08/20/21 – 08/29/21
LA County Fair at Los Alamitos 09/08/21 – 09/28/21
Big Fresno Fair at Fresno 10/07/21 – 10/17/21
  • COVID-19 Protocols – As of April, the Alameda County Fair has not established 2021 COVID-19 protocols. They advise that they are working  with state and local officials to determine the safest way to conduct a race meet in 2021.”

“Thank you for your patience and perseverance during these difficult times. By working together we can have a successful year doing what we all  passionateIy enjoy, Arabian Horse Racing. Keep training and stay safe.’’
Cory Soltau.

For ongoing updates contact Cory Soltau at


The Alameda Health Department announced that all personnel working at the track MUST have a negative COVID 19 test to be allowed entry to the barn area. Obviously those trainers and staff coming from out of state should have this done before arrival. Until further notice all races will be held without spectators. Check the specific race track to make sure of restrictions.

Although each county has different race protocols which may change before and during racing, as of this writing, all approved Fair racing will be held without spectators and only allow access to trainers, jockeys, grooms, and race officials, all of whom will all be required to wear masks. There will be a track photographer that will take Stretch Photos only, no winner’s circle photos at this time.


2021 Wathba Stallions Cup (California Bonanza Stakes)

Three Races -Three Chances to win
A program designed for the Stars of the Future - Featuring Our 2021 Maidens
Open to 3 year olds and upward who are Maidens as of 1 May 2021


* First Installment for one Berth – Entry Fee $100.00 due on or before 1 May 2021. Horse does not have to be named at this time.

* Second Installment – Entry Fee $150.00 due on or before 15 May 2021. Horse does not have to be named at this time.

*Third and Final Berth Installment - Entry Fee $200.00 due on or before 1 June 2021. Horse must be named at this time.


Nomination Forms:

More Information : Cory Soltau DVM
Tel 1-925-683-6717

HELP IS ON THE WAY!  2021 Racing Season

To encourage our Out-Of State Arabian Trainers to race in California, ARAC will subsidize the required Worker's Compensation Insurance Deposit
For the first three (3) Out-Of-State trainers who agree to comply with the following provisions:

(1) To bring at least 5 race-ready horses to California (gate approved and who meet California requirements)

(2) To start in at least 10 races in California during the California 2021 Race Season
After 10 starts, the trainer is responsible for supplying any additional Jockey Insurance
If Trainer starts less than 10 races, Trainer will assign ARAC the remaining balance of the subsidized Insurance on a Pro-rated basis.

 (3) Horses under the care of a Subsidized Trainer are not eligible to receive any other ARAC purse subsidies

(4) The Trainers approved for the Trainer Subsidy Program will be chosen in order of receipt of their Application-Commitment.

More Information:
Cory Soltau DVM
Tel 1-925-683-7617

Terri Eaton

Cal Bred Registration and Claims Information

Don't leave money on the table - Register your horses and take advantage of Cal-Bred racing money.

Anyone who is breeding Arabians in California, especially for endurance or other athletic activities, should consider racing their Cal-Bred eligible foals. Also, though out-of-state stallions are not eligible for the program, their California conceived and foaled off-spring can be eligible. Stallions that are Cal-Bred Sire registered can use that information in their advertising as long as the stallion continues to be eligible.

We hope to see you all at the 2021 races. We have missed you and your wonderful Arabians.
Your Cal-Bred Committee,
Dorothy Burt, Evelyn Call, Cory Soltau

2021 Arabian Racing

We are hoping to be racing this summer at Grants Pass Downs, Oregon. We will bring you updated news as it happens

We Are Dedicated To Arabian Racing in California


To all ARAC members:

Beginning in 2017, a Supplement Racing Fund was created to be used to offset the expense of the mandatory Insurance required to race in California. From this Supplement Fund, the 5th, 6th and 7th placing horses will receive $250.00 in ARAC races during the 2020 racing season.

The $10,000 fund is finite and will be used until the Fund is totally depleted. We hope to add more money to this Supplement Fund during the summer through donations and sponsors to support these horses throughout the entire 2020 racing season. It is our hope that by offsetting the expenses of racing in California, Arabian owners will appreciate the opportunity of racing without the financial burdens of past years.

Several owners, racing related businesses and other Arabian Racing enthusiasts have offered financial contributions to the Supplement Fund to guarantee the continued health of racing in California. Please consider joining them and help see California Arabian Racing grow.

For more information contact:
Cory Soltau DVM

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