ARAC to Aid Out-Of State Trainers to come to California

2021 Racing Season – To encourage our Out-Of State Arabian Trainers to race in California, ARAC will subsidize the required Worker’s Compensation Insurance Deposit
For the first three (3) Out-Of-State trainers who agree to comply with the following provisions:

   (1) To bring at least 5 race-ready horses to California (gate approved and who meet California requirements)

         (2) To start in at least 10 races in California during the California 2021 Race Season
                After 10 starts, the trainer is responsible for supplying any additional Jockey Insurance
                If Trainer starts less than 10 races, Trainer will assign ARAC the remaining balance of the subsidized Insurance on a Pro-rated basis.

         (3) Horses under the care of a Subsidized Trainer are not eligible to receive any other ARAC purse subsidies

         (4) The Trainers approved for the Trainer Subsidy Program will be chosen in order of receipt of their Application-Commitment

More Information:
Cory Soltau DVM
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 1-925-683-7617

Terri Eaton
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 1-209-631-2031