Rules and Information California state law, to promote horse racing, as well as agricultural business within the state, provides the Cal-Bred Incentive Premium Awards Program. The purpose of the program is to add an incentive to breed and race Arabian horses in California. Each time a registered Cal-Bred runs first or second in a race within the state, the horse earns cash awards for its owner, its breeder, and its sire’s owner. The Arabian Racing Association of California (ARAC) is the official administrator of the Cal-Bred Awards program. The cash awards are generated by the money wagered on the Arabian races run in the state and are distributed on a yearly basis.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE? A purebred Arabian horse, registered with the Arabian Horse Association, foaled in California, after being conceived by a stallion standing in California, OR conceived in California by artificial insemination from a stallion anywhere in the world, shall be Cal-Bred eligible.
A horse conceived in California, transferred via embryo transfer in California to a recipient mare who subsequently drops the resulting foal in California shall be Cal-Bred eligible. (ARAC BOD 3/17/19. Effective 4/1/19)

BREEDERS AWARDS: The person(s) listed as breeder of record by the Arabian Horse Association shall receive a sum based upon the prorated share of first and second place earnings from 40% of the Award Fund.

OWNERS AWARD: The CHRB licensed person(s) (owner or lessee) listed in the official racing program at the time of the race shall receive a sum based upon the prorated share of first and second place earnings from 25% of the award’s fund.

SIRE AWARD: For a stallion to be eligible for Sire Awards, stallion must be officially registered as a Cal-Bred Sire, and must have been standing in the state of California when conception of foal occurred, and the stallion was continuously present and re-registered in California for the calendar year in which the qualifying race was conducted. If a sire dies in California and stood his last season at stud in this state he shall, if registered for the years his Cal-Bred foals are racing, continue to be considered an eligible Arabian sire. The stallion owner, as recorded with the Arabian Horse Association shall, after February 15 of the year following the qualifying race(s), receive a sum based on the prorated share from 25% of the Award’s fund for all get which placed first and second in one or more races run in California. If no Cal-Bred competitor qualifying for awards has been sired by a stallion who qualifies as a Cal-Bred Sire, no Sire Award will be issued for that year and the 25% award will be divided equally back to the competing horse’s owner and breeder.

For a horse to be considered Cal-Bred, the registration process must be completed at least 48 hours before time of entry in a race. Allow time for processing.

The applicant is to notify the Administrator of any changes in the application information.

The Cal-Bred program may be changed at any time by State Legislation, or by the ARAC Board of Directors.

AWARD FUND: Ten percent (10%) of the Award Fund shall be used to promote the Cal-Bred Program and Arabian racing in California. Any amount not used shall be returned to the fund.

REGISTRATION FEES (effective 4/1/19):
Foal Registration completed-                                      ARAC Member           Non-Member
On or before December 31of foaling year-              $ 50.00                       $  75.00
On or before December 31 of their 2yr. old year-  $ 75.00                        $100.00
On or after January 1 of their 3yr. old year-           $100.00                      $125.00

Sire Award – for each year entered-                      $200.00                      $250.00

Rev. Jul. 2020



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