ARAC 2019 Awards

The Arabian Racing Association of California held their annual Awards Presentation lunch on 15 March 2020.

2019 Awards

3 & 4 yr old Colt – WMA Fantom
3  & 4 yr old Fillies – Prestons Lady

5 yr & Older Mare – Dream Pearl
5 yr and Older Horse – Aurum Rex
Trainer – Terri Eaton
Owner –  Cissy (Elizabeth) Borg
Breeder –  Joe Gillis
Jockey – Hugo Herrera
Cal Bred – Skeedaddle for Dorothy Burt, Owner and Breeder: $2,229.51
Haffirs Simone for Howie Rubin, Owner: $107.95

2019 Special Darley Award Presented to PARC

The Pleasanton Arabian Racing Club was honored at the 2020 Darley Awards for the year 2019. It was one of three Arabian racing clubs in the US to receive this new award.

Darley Awards 2018 Houston, Texas

On 23 March 2019, the Darley Awards was once again in Houston, Texas, after a five-year relocation to Hollywood, California. The St. Regis Hotel served as a lovely backdrop for those who came together to celebrate the Champions of Arabian racing for 2018. 

Congratulations ARAC members who received the Darley Older Mare Award.

The 2018 Champions

2018 Darley Champion 3-Year-Old Colt/Gelding
Burn Em Joey

2018 Darley Champion 3-Year-Old Filly

2018 Darley Champion 4-Year-Old Colt/Gelding

2018 Darley Champion 4-Year-Old Filly

2018 Darley Champion Older Horse

2018 Darley Champion Older Mare

2018 Darley Champion Breeder

2018 Darley Champion Owner

2018 Darley Champion Trainer

2018 Darley Champion Jockey

2018 Darley Champion Horse of the Year

Photos (l-r)

Champion Older Mare, Dream Pearl Award – ARC Stewards Michelle Morgan and Deb Mihaloff flank owners Dr. Cory Soltau, Evelyn Call, and Terri Eaton.

ARAC members: Cory Soltau, Evelyn Call, Mary Mahin, Terri Eaton, Joe Gibson, Victoria Hsie, Peter De Vries and Norma Corbin

ARAC 2018  Annual Awards Presentation and Dinner

The Arabian Racing Association of California held their annual Awards Presentation on 17 March 2019. This year they were hosted by Manny Vierra of VO Arabians in Brentwood, California, and the members present were treated to a view of a few of the fabulous Arabians on the ranch.

2018 Awards were:

Older Mare – Dream Pearl, 31 points
Older Horse – Southerland, 15 points
4-yr old Filly – Nevour Say Never, 14 points
4-yr old Colt – Kissamyasra, 13 points
3-yr old Colt – Madjestic, 28 points
Trainer – Terri Eaton
Owner – Jim Schleimer & Nicki Forbes Robinson for RB Hot Risk and Madjestic
Breeder – Jim Schleimer & Nicki Robinson for Madjestic
Jockey – Hugo Herrera

Photos (l-r)

Dream Pearl owners – Dr. Cory Soltau, Evelyn Call, Dorothy Burt, Terri Eaton

PARC Club members – Dr. Cory Soltau, Mary Mahin, Norma Corbin,  Mike Brown

Madjestic & RB Hot Risk owners – in middle Jim Schleimer and Nicki Forbes-Robinson

Diablo Arabian Horse Association Awards Dream Pearl 2018 Race Award

The Diablo Arabian Horse Association heralded their 50th Anniversary with a posh gathering for their annual Arabian Horse Awards held at the Blackhawk Auto Museum in Danville, California, on Sunday evening, 27 January 2019.

Arabian Racing Association of California (ARAC) and long time DAHA members, Cory Soltau and Norma Corbin, gave a presentation to the group about the excitement of owning race horses and being part of the horse racing world as they showed a video of the thrill of winning a 2018 race in Ferndale, California.

ARAC President Cory Soltau explained: “Actually it was a perfect place to introduce a new Arabian horse adventure to about 170 members who had mostly only found the love of Arabians in the horse show arena. I could feel the audience focus their concentration on the Jumbo Screen as the race exploded before them, and heard the gradual and increasing cheers when the horses crossed the finish line. It was an easy segue to sharing my racing experiences and the story of the Pleasanton Arabian Racing Club and how it offered many people like them an inexpensive opportunity to discover racing. I invited each of them to be my guest at the Pleasanton race track for those early morning workouts, to watch the race planning back at the shed row, to join me in the saddling paddock and grand stand, and hopefully, in the Winners Circle. We are planning some dates.”

Owners Evelyn Call, Dorothy Burt, Cory Soltau and Terri Eaton accepted the high-point Arabian Racing Award for Dream Pearl (Burning Sand x Triumphs Pearl by Seyvilla Triumph). Due to her excellent race record, Dream Pearl received the 2016 Darley Award for Older Mare and is again nominated in 2019.

Other Year End Awards were given out by DAHA commentator Rich Durant with Leigha Perry, who calculated the awards, congratulating the winners. Season High Point Awards included those for Junior Classes, Halter, English Pleasure, Hunter Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Trail, Speciality, Racing, SportHorse, and Endurance.